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Insight Media Internet Limited (Insight Media) is the leading library technology partner in the UK for the provision of PC bookings, print management, wireless control and hosted services with unparalleled experience offering a range of innovative market-leading solutions to our customers.

Originally established as an Internet Solutions Provider (ISP) in 1998 we have progressed significantly and have developed our well established comprehensive suite of iCAM systems primarily for public libraries in the United Kingdom.

Our product range has continued to evolve in line with the ever changing market and in addition to providing solutions to public libraries we have also implemented our solutions in UK academic institutions and a number of other organisations.

We currently have over 100 customers using a variety of our products in over a 1000 locations, including 80 public library authorities. The majority of these customers are using our core iCAM Workstation Control and iCAM Printer Control modules and around 30% of our customers are using our Wireless Access Control solution to offer public Wi-Fi.

All of our iCAM solutions are provided with a comprehensive installation and training programme together with first class quality support services.

System Integration

Our solutions can offer user authentication with the main UK Library Management Systems (LMS) working to the recommended industry standards and protocols.

Self-Service Kiosks

Over the last few years our successful iCAM self-service kiosk implementations have proved to offer a useful service and has significantly helped in reducing staff time in managing public computers, self-payments and print release.

In addition we are working with a number of RFID kiosk suppliers and providing the iCAM kiosk applications integrated on third party kiosks. This allows cost efficiencies, greater flexibility and customer choice.  

Managed services

The company has the experience, skills, resource and infrastructure to provide additional hosting and service-oriented solutions included Solutions as a Service (SaaS) from its Datacentre. Working closely with our existing customers, deploying and integrating our iCAM solutions in non-traditional scenarios, this provides more flexible options for our managed solutions to meet customers’ requirements.

Key to the success of our hosted solutions is the ability to provide server components without affecting the core iCAM functionality or staff control. Hosting offers the same level of integration with your existing servers, LMS and external databases as with internally managed implementations.

Track record

The Insight team are focused and committed to offering the best possible service and assistance to our customers. We have a reputation for providing competitively priced quality products with excellent service levels and that we listen to, respond to and genuinely care about our clients.

Additional information

For additional information on any of our products or services please complete the online form in the Request Information Section and we will respond to your request.